Rakennuspuu Tuunainen Ky

Barbeque hut

The octaconal Laplander`s huts can be used during all seasons. There are four different sizes available: 10 m², 15 m², 20 m² and 30 m². The huts are designed to suit a wide variety of purposes, from family to business.

The built in window on the roof element provides lots of light and good views to the outside world. Wide open space makes it comfortable even for a bigger group and a proper fireplace keeps the hut free of smoke.

The wide and stepless door in bigger models (20m² and 30m²) provides easy access for wheelchairs. The benches are wide enough to sleep on and underneath them is a lot of space for storaging e.g. firewood.

The manufacturer takes care of the domestic shipment and construction ensuring that the customer receives the desired hut for the scheduled date.